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        Name: Phone: Email: Message: Verify:
        shunchangjx@hotmail.com 0086-595-8572785
        Job title Closing date degree sex size Work place apply
        CNC operator 2018-06-04Junior high schoolAny6Quanzhou Nan'an2018-06-04
        CAD drawing/design 2018-06-04College degree or aboveAny6
        debugging 2018-06-04Junior high schoolAny6Quanzhou Nan'an
        Assembly/Fitter 2018-06-04Junior high schoolAny6Quanzhou Nan'an
        electrician 2018-06-04High school or aboveAny2Quanzhou Nan'an
        Electrical programming 2018-06-04CollegeAny2Quanzhou Nan'an
        Foreign trade clerk 【Working hours】: 8:00--12:00 13:30--17:30 The management department implements the weekly single break system, and the production center's work schedule is unified according to the production plan.[Clothing]: The company provides uniforms and labor protection equipment according to grades for both formal employees and related personnel (according to summer and winter);【Food】: Professional chefs, fresh food, elegant environment, one-day personal food expenses: 6 yuan / day, no cash payment, deducted from wages;【Live】: The company provides free accommodation for employees, 4 to 5 people in an ordinary staff quarter, 2 to 3 people in management staff quarters, independent toilets, water heaters, air conditioners, etc.; subsidy.
        HR Manager 2012-12-13Bachelor degreeno limit 1Nanan, Quanzhou
        HR Manager 2012-12-13Bachelor degreeno limit 1Nanan, Quanzhou
        HR Manager 2012-12-13Bachelor degreeno limit 1Nanan, Quanzhou
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