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        shunchangjx@hotmail.com 0086-595-8572785

        Shunchang has a professional team, through strictly training, assessment of installation and maintenance, can provide users with a full range of services.


        1. According to the customer's actual electricity condition, providing the best affordable device configuration.
        2. Recommend raw material suppliers for customer reference.
        3.Customers are advised to hire a professional technician from China, to operate the equipment ,so that can avoid the unskilled operator which make the defect rate increase. And help customers familiar with the device more quickly, to show benefits as soon as possible.

        After-sale Service SHUNCHANG


        1. According to the customer's requirement to send technician to their workshop for installation.
        2.During adjusting the machine, the technician will guide the customer to do the daily maintenance and technical training.



        The company has a training center, holding training meetings irregularly , introducing equipment operation, use, maintenance, training and maintenance , also according to the requirement to provide training in customer's location.

        Ordering Information

        l.While ordering, please indicate the location of customer's voltage, factory planning, product process, product positioning, product specifications, technical requirements
        2. Provide the workshop simple plan graph to help rational planning workshop, reduce the cost cause of the irrational planning workshop.

        Ordering Information

        1. 12 months warranty and maintenance.
        2.After-sale tracking service regularly.

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